Casa vinicola caldirola: Caldirola and football. The union steel



One more time not only Milan, non only San Siro. This is again the decision taken by Luigi Maggioni, Commercial Director of Casa Vinicola Caldirola who has recently implemented a change of strategy with regard to sponsorship initiatives.
He states, "the visibility of the Caldirola brand needs to be extended and must therefore reach much further afield than just the corners of the San Siro Stadium. Our wines have long won over the Italian consumer. The time has therefore come for the various Caldirola brands that have so far been displayed on the sides of the San Siro soccer pitch, to also be displayed in the stadiums of a variety of teams during soccer matches and championships.
In this way we will be achieve greater brand recognition amongst the football fans of our geographically diverse consumer target group". Hence the beginning of a new sponsorship agreement signed with the company Infront: a partnership package in which one favourite team will always remain the protagonist. For the 2014-2015 soccer season, therefore, Caldirola will be defined as AC Milan's Technical Partner and for the new sponsorship contract, the company will be associated not only with its long-standing partner AC Milan, but also with the Lazio, Genoa, Sampdoria, Palermo and Udine soccer teams.
For the duration of the entire championship, the new Caldirola logo and the 'La Cacciatora' brand will be visibile on the pitch-side displays not only of the San Siro stadium, but also the Olympic, Luigi Ferraris, Renzo Barbera and Friuli stadiums. In addition to this powerful pitch-side branding exercise, the 'La Cacciatora' wine will be served in the Executive lounges during intervals and other out-of-match moments to cheer up fans or lower the tension during a difficult match. Fans will be served either a white or red wine to toast a winning goal, but also to console when things are not going as well as they had hoped. Pinot Grigio o Barbera d'Asti? Let your mood inspire you, provided that it is La Cacciatora!
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